Custom made

Fabric Light Box

At Prime Light Boxes we offer a variety of unique-one of a kind Fabric Light Boxes. We produce captivating Light boxes for restaurants, retail stores, trade shows, sport arenas, photography exhibits and any other venues for promotion and advertisement purpose.

Custom design

Frameless LED Fabric Light Box

Your unique design can be created in a variety of different profiles and sizes.  Our sizes vary from 1.5” for an ultra thin light box to 4.5” for a head turning display of virtually any size. With various profile options you can choose from a single-sided, or double sided display. It all depends on the presentation requirements of your location.

Ultra Thin Back-lit

Working on your projects includes generating bold ideas.

Working on your projects includes generating bold ideas.

Working on your projects includes generating bold ideas.


Stand out from your competitors with your distinctive, one of a kind, custom made LED Fabric Light Box. Nothing can compare with the latest model in advertising technology!

virtually unlimited size

With Prime Light Boxes, you can advance your brand to the next level with virtually unlimited sizes. The capacity allows more of your product on display for your viewers!

long lasting lighting

Our sustainable LED technology will lower your maintenance and operational costs with its 50,000 hours lifespan. You don't have to worry. Your advertisement will shine bright!



Your clients will be breath taken by our virtually Frame-less Fabric LED Light box. All of our light boxes are made with extruded aluminum, creating a seamless frame of nearly limitless size. All of our LED light boxes are made with an easy to use maintenance free design which will give you the freedom of interchanging your fabric display to any visual display necessary for your promotion.


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