Creating Contrast In Advertisements

Creating Contrast In Advertisements

You need the best designs to make your product stand out in advertising. This is more than just getting a pretty picture to wow your audience or using a LED light box display. It means taking the time to use creative design to truly make your product unforgettable. One technique is to use contrast in your advertisement.

Contrast is placing objects or designs side by side and making one stand out more than the other. This technique is used in several ways in an advertisement.

Dark and Light

Chiaroscuro or light and dark were used in Renaissance paintings to create contrast. This was simply using light and shadow contrast to make particular areas stand out in the painting. This draws the audience to particular aspects. You can also contrast lively bright colours with dark ones.

Complementary colour schemes

How do you make an object stand out? Use its complementary colour for contrast. Complementary colours are two colours that are opposite to each other on the colour wheel. For instance, yellow and purple are complementary colours. A yellow object will stand out best in a purple background.


Yes, size matters. Larger objects are always viewed first before smaller ones. (With some exceptions.) This is why billboards are popular. New LED slim frame light boxes are great since this light box model has gotten rid of size limits. At the same time, you still get an evenly lit advertisement on display that is more attractive than non-lit media.

No matter what your advertisement is, it needs to attract attention. LED lightboxes are just the right fit for all your advertising needs. Toronto lightbox companies will guide you through the LED light box styles o you know which lightbox fits your advertising needs.

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