Silhouettes -Mysterious Attraction in Advertising

Silhouettes -Mysterious Attraction in Advertising

Adding mystery to your product can make it desirable. In advertising, this effect is often achieved through the use of silhouettes. There are different ways to get a creative direction with the use of silhouettes. From iconic iPod commercials to Peoples jewellery silhouettes create a unique stylish effect for advertising.

Shadows create a clean cut that makes an advertisement simple and focused. Many companies go a step further so that their products have a unique shape that is recognizable. It’s similar to logo recognition from a few simple shapes and lines.

Silhouettes are usually made with one block of colour. However creative spins are also used such as shading or layers of colour. The silhouette is still there but it makes it less boring without too much detail.

Infrequently silhouettes can come in the form of imposing shadows on a regular situation. The effect creates mystery or a larger than life product. Movie posters utilize this in all sorts of ways to create interest for an upcoming film.

Bond girl silhouettes have been used to emphasize sexuality and elegance. It creates an image with no details. The details are filled in with our desires and expectations. The allure and mystery will get you closer to the product just to see the real thing up close. Curiosity sells because we dislike not knowing.

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