The Clarity of Fabric Display LED Lightboxes

The Clarity of Fabric Display LED Lightboxes

Were all aware of the difference new technology makes. For example, TVs are also coming out with better and breathtaking displays. LED lightboxes are advancing along the same lines as well with fabric display light boxes and LED lights.

Lightboxes are made up of three main components: display, frame and LED light source. The new model of lightboxes is called slim frame fabric display LED light box. This new technology has optimized almost all components of the light box.

The advantage of fabric display lightboxes is the visibility of detail. This allows for gorgeous photography, eye-catching advertisements and general elegant design. The fabric display allows the light to be absorbed. Previous acrylic displays had material that reflected light from inside as well as outside sources. This caused glare and reduced display visibility.

Slim frames are greatly reduced in size with a depth of two inches. Previous light boxes were more than twice as large. Slim frame lightboxes have a backlit LED light sources. With the reduced frame and fabric display the images are clearly visible with even illumination.

The slight drawback of the slim frame is that only one side of the lightbox can have an illuminated image. The other side can still be utilized but with a laminate display.

To get the most out of your LED lightboxes you need a professional Toronto lightbox manufacturer. A professional light box company will guide you through the right style of LED light box to suit your needs. You can optimize LED lightboxes for advertising, retail, photography and more.

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