Flower Power - The Psychological Impression of Flowers

Flower Power - The Psychological Impression of Flowers

Flowers are a beautiful part of nature. They beautify an environment and are also used to enhance advertisements. Flowers are non threatening (for the most part) and symbolize many positive things. Here are common psychological influences of flowers.


Many cultures associate flowers with fruit. If the flower blossoms are present there will most likely to be fruit later if they get pollinated. Evidently there is the expectation that if there are flowers in the spring, in the fall they will change into fruit. Additionally, young fruit bearing trees do not display flowers until they reach maturity.


Flowers come in a variety of colours and design. Often they are bright and have a “youthful” quality. This is associated with young adults and young children. As time passes flowers lose their colour and wilt. Much like how youth fades as we age.

Specific Occasions

For holidays, weddings, ceremonies and other special events flowers are always used. They enhance the special event or they carry specific meaning. For example: red roses are used on Valentine’s day and romantic occasions. Brides carry specifically designed bouquets during their weddings as well.

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