Nail Art -Hand Poses For Manicures in Advertising

Nail Art -Hand Poses For Manicures in Advertising

You may not know it but there are different posing styles for hands when it comes to advertising manicures. The nail art isn’t the full focus of the ad but overall it depends on the composition of all the elements. The main pieces are: hands, background and accessory item. There are different compositions for these elements.

Lending A Hand

You can advertise using the manicured hands alone with no additional elements. For creative purposes you can zoom in so that the nail art is in full view. You may also want just one hand visible or the additions of rings or other jewelry. The hands can also be making signs or other pleasant gestures.

All In The Background

Often the background features bring focus to the hands. You can have a simple background with just one colour that can be neutral of emotional. Having fabric backgrounds with silk is also a popular feature. You can also had texture or glitter.


It’s trendy to add accessory items to enhance this type of advertisement. Common items are, flowers, water bowls, nail polish and even the addition of uncommon items. These can creatively enhance the focus of the ad.

For all you nail advertising you need the best advertising technology on the market. LED light boxes bring out the brilliance in you ads by getting them noticed and remembered. They come in several styles including fabric light box, acrylic light box, slim profile light box and more.

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