Viewer Discretion - How To Skip Unessential Background Elements in Photography

Viewer Discretion - How To Skip Unessential Background Elements in Photography

You want the most out of your photographs. This means expertly planning your photo shoot and having the right composition of design elements. To keep your photos looking professional it is important to exclude or limit unnecessary background elements. This includes objects, people and unnecessary landscape elements. Here are techniques to eliminate background noise.


One easy technique is to adjust your focus. Keep the important figures in the foreground in focus and blur the background. This keep background elements from taking away focus or becoming an unnecessary distraction


Consider all angles of your subject matter. One side may be too busy with people but from the other side there may be no people. In certain situations you may have to just opt for fewer individuals in the background of the photo.


Some objects can be removed to improve the look of the photo. Say you are photographing a table. To get a more cohesive look remove the chairs from the background. It keeps the important table elements in focus.


One sure way to avoid distractions is to have your subjects placed in front of a wall. The wall can add nice scenery depending on indoor and outdoor features. For example an outdoor wall can have vines crawling over it.

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