Backlit Fabric Light Box

About Backlit

Back-lit light boxes provide evenly distributed lighting for your promotional advertisement. They consist of a web of smaller LED’s that are placed evenly on the back of the Light Box. This type of Light Box will not have any leaking light, since the LED’s are all symmetrically placed on the back of the board which acts as a heat sink. This eliminates any excessive heat build up and premature LED failure. With our engineering design you don’t have to worry about splotchy uneven lighting. Our fabric light box design gives a sparkling effect to your product!

There are 3 different options for a backlit Fabric LED Light box. These 3 options are;

Wall mounted

Ceiling mounted


Based on your Light Box needs such as budget and space, we have various LED lightbox options. All of the Back-lit Lighboxes are shipped un-assembled. This helps you save on shipping costs and our design makes your light box easy to assemble. In addition, fabric light boxes are the lightest model available which makes them travel friendly.

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