Double Sided

Double SIDED

All double sided Fabric Light Boxes come in  a variety of custom sizes. These are powered by side lit LEDS that use special designed lenses to achieve even light distribution on both sides of the fabric. This method achieves the lowest shipping costs for you. The fabric display is light weight to begin with and the shipment  doesn’t contain a solid heavy board in the middle. Our packaging makes for easy installment of the light box at your location.

Double Sided Light Boxes are best used in a free standing position. They can also be ceiling or wall mounted, or used as a divider for tables and exhibition booths at large scale events. This creates an unique setting where you can exclusively engage with your customers. You can either have the same image on both sides, or have 2 different images and promoted 2 different products at once. These Light Boxes are easy to use, and fabrics can be easily replaced to fit the product advertised at the time. This model of light box is extremely travel friendly.

Front Side

only 2” depth

Back Side

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